Synergies with other associations

A fourth meeting is planned for 31 January 2011

Third meeting took place on 24 August 2010

Participants at this meeting were:

  • João Teixeira - ECTP-CEU President
  • Bruno Clerbaux - ECTP-CEU Secretary General
  • Dominique Lancrenon, ECTP-CEU Vice-President
  • Vincent Goodstadt - ECTP-CEU Administor
  • Petter Wiberg - ECTP-CEU Treasurer
  • Willem Salet - AESOP
  • Joachim Jobi - representing EFLA


The following topics have been discussed:

  • Approval of last minute meeting
  • Information from the associations
  • A century of great spatial planning
  • Declaration fo the decade of spatial planning in E urope
  • Mutual Recognition


Second meeting of European based Planners at ECTP-CEU headquarters in Brussels on 12th April 2010

First historical meeting of European based Planners